Gastritis diet

  1. During the first day, the patient should not eat any food. During that time the patient can drink warm, sweet tea, warm mineral water, and tea made out of rose hips. If the patient feels nausea, tea with lemon is recommended.
  2. On the second and third day, the patient can start eating liquid food (soups, broths, and yogurt). Then the patient can start adding porridges to the diet, Jell-O, soft-boiled eggs, wheat biscuits.
  3. Then the patient can start eating normally with the exclusion of foods that stimulate stomach secretion, and the food that is hard to digest. The food should be boiled or steamed.
  4. The temperature of cold food shouldn’t be below 15 oC and the temperature of hot meals shouldn’t be above 62 oC.
  5. The patient should eat small meals 4 to 5 times per day.
  6. Food that should be excluded until the patient gets well:
    1. Beans and corn;
    2. Pork, duck meat, chicken meat, smoked meat, canned food;
    3. Fresh and pickled vegetables, onions, radish, sweet pepper, cucumbers, garlic, mushrooms;
    4. Fruits and berries that are hard to digest and the ones that have seeds in them, and the ones that have tough skin;
    5. Ice cream, chocolate, and cakes with cream;
    6. Hard-boiled eggs.