Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

Stress as a factor for the development of gastrointestinal diseases

stressStudies show that from 35% to 70% of the world’s population is affected by functional gastrointestinal disorders.

Many factors make a person more susceptible to developing a functional gastrointestinal disorder. These factors are biological, social, and psychological in nature. However, a vast number of studies show that stress might play a particularly important role. 


Breaking Bad Habits to Improve Your Health
bad habbit
The digestive system consists of a multitude of organs within the body. The organs include the mouth and salivary glands and stomach. The digestive system also includes the small and large intestines, liver, pancreas, and finally, the gall bladder. The function of the gastrointestinal tract is to process food and fluids and distribute them throughout the body’s system. When a person develops bad habits which can affect the GIT, these bad habits can cause severe issues.



Active Lifestyle

active lifestyleYou’re probably tired of hearing that gastrointestinal disorders are very difficult or impossible to treat; however, contrary to the panic and restlessness instilled by a potential diagnosis, you will find such conditions are in fact easy to manage, if not prevent altogether. Many of us tend to underestimate the benefits of an active lifestyle in preventing GIT disorders, and the aim of this article is to prove how simple it is to protect your digestive system by following a few simple, scientifically accurate tips.




The importance of a balanced diet

balanced diet
There’s hardly anything wiser than the old saying “you are what you eat”. If many medical conditions can be treated with a balanced diet, why couldn’t gastro-intestinal disorders be prevented in the same way? Let’s find out more about it and see a few useful recommendations to help you get started.




Why you should be attentive to your health?

pain signalsPain is your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong, but this doesn’t mean you should schedule an abdominal ultrasound only if you’re in excruciating pain. One thing’s for sure: you should never ignore a symptom. Not paying attention to your body signals or your health leads to complications of pre-existing conditions. Routine check-ups are also very important, as some GIT disorders (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis) may develop without painful symptoms, until it becomes impossible for them to be cured entirely.


Personal Care – key to well-being!

personal careThere are no special or uncommon tricks to prevent GIT disorders when it comes to personal care, but following these basic rules can mean the difference between health and digestive illness. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that something just as simple as hand hygiene or healthy eating can prevent GIT disorders, but this is something you will notice yourself if you put it into practice. Moreover, caring for your body gives you a positive state of mind and is the key to well-being!






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