Cholelithiasis and Diet

People with asymptomatic cholelithiasis are usually advised against performing cholecystectomy since risks outweigh the benefits. These people should follow a certain diet in order to prevent “flare ups” of this disease and lead a normal life

Below we will provide groups of various food products and explain which products can be consumed and which cannot:


Bread and bakery products

  • Allowed – day old bread made from rye flour and coarse flour.
  • Not allowed – freshly-baked bread. Fried stuffed buns, sweet dough and rolled-in dough.
meat and poultry Meat and poultry
  • Allowed – lean meat that was boiled or baked after boiling
  • Not allowed – fatty meat, canned meat, fish that was salted or smoked
Soups Soups
  • Allowed – soups made from vegetables, pasta, and grains
  • Not allowed – any soups made from meat, fish or mushrooms

Dairy products

  • Allowed – Cultured butter milk, low-fat milk, low-fat curd, non-fatty and non-spicy cheese
  • Not allowed – Whole milk, cream, fatty curd, sour cream, fatty and salty cheese


  • Allowed – scrambled eggs without egg yolks, soft-boiled eggs, no more than 1 egg yolk per meal
  • Not allowed – fried eggs and hard-boiled eggs
vegetables Vegetables
  • Allowed – Boiled and braised vegetables, sweet peas and sauerkraut that is not too sour.
  • Not allowed – Radishes, sorrel, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and pickled vegetables
sweets-and-fruits Sweets and fruits
  • Allowed – all fruits and berries that are not too sour, dried fruits, Jell-O, compote, marmalade, honey.
  • Not allowed – chocolate, ice cream.


  • Allowed – tea, coffee with milk, juices made from fruits, vegetables and berries.
  • Not allowed – cocoa, coffee, cold beverages.